Company Profile

Established in 1992 , National Fibre Glass Factory LLC is the leading manufacturer and supplier of Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP ) and Glass Reinforced Concrete ( GRC).

Purely Home – grown company , National Fibre Glass Factory boasts a team of well- trained technicians, engineers, designers, assisted by a group of skilled workers to ensure quality products of global standard and guaranteed timely delivery.

Glass Reinforced Plastic : Includes water tanks, septic tanks specialized in cold pressed sectional panel tanks, Domes, Cladding, Decorative panels, canopies, car sheds, roofing's, arches, drainage pipes,tubs,wash basins and storage bins. The company also manufactures heavy duty cable trays and ladders to cater to electrical service industries.

Glass Reinforced Concrete : Includes decorative screens like Islamic designs, fascias, fluted pillars, pillar capital and base, wall moulding, cornices, ceiling panels and ABD column cladding. National Fibre Glass Factory have an illustrious clientele which include the Ministry of health , Bank Muscat, Saud Bahwan, Ministry of Education, Sultan Qaboos University, Diwan of Royal Court and the likes.


  • Manhole & Tank Lining Oncolgy Royal Hospital
  • 2GRP Lanter & Manholes Lining at Ibra Hospital
  • GRP Manhole Lining Al Wusta Region
  • GRP Manhole Lining Health Centre (Rustaq)
  • GRP Lining Manhole & Tank at Salalaha Hospital